It’s time to stop stressing about money and start using it like a boss .

Finally have control over your finances, save with ease and say “Girl Bye” to debt without depriving yourself.

Let's get it

Sound like you?

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You feel stuck financially and common advice only makes you feel more overwhelmed and ashamed.

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Your overall experience with money is stressful. You don’t know where your money goes and don’t know where to start.

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You make good money but financial freedom sounds like a pipe dream right now.

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When you commit to change, you do too much too fast... next thing you know you’re transferring your savings to pay for brunch.

Been there... overcame that

Let's do this the right way

You've been lied to about what it takes to build wealth. You were told being good with money means depriving yourself and working harder. You think you have to choose between having fun or making progress.

I'll teach you how to have both.

Here's the truth: Sis, you can have a life full of "Yes ands".

You can eat out and reach your goals, save and travel, invest and pay off debt, earn more and rest more.

It all starts with a plan.

How would it feel to be debt free, save and make money in your sleep all while treating yourself?


BOSS Sessions

A strategy session for women who are ready to stop stressing about money and start building effortless wealth.

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In 2 hrs we'll...

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Clarify your savings goals so you can cashflow your best life and be unbothered by the unexpected.

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Plan your path to debt freedom so you can stop throwing your money away on interest and use it to create more joy and freedom.

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Create a budget that allows you to say yes to all the drinks and still reach your goals. Morning lattes, weekend mimosas, all inclusive resort smoothies … whatever you want to sip on, it’s in the budget.

How it works


Book a call

You'll receive a confirmation email, Google Calendar and Zoom invite, and welcome packet.


Prep Work

Your welcome packet will guide you through how to calculate your net worth, audit your spending and take financial inventory.

*Due 2 days before meeting.


2 hr session

We'll meet virtually to create a plan based on your personal values and goals, answer questions and discuss next steps.


or two payments of $180

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This is for you if

  • You have a good source of income but nothing to show for it
  • You are motivated and self driven, you just need a plan to follow
  • You’re willing to push through discomfort to get results

This is not for you if

  • You want a quick fix to solve years of an unhealthy relationship with money
  • You give up when things get hard
  • Spreadsheets give you anxiety (if you want to print out documents and manually crunch numbers, I’m not your girl)

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Can I cancel or reschedule?

I do not allow rescheduling and cancellations. As your coach I act as an accountability partner and my first task is to hold you accountable to show up at our scheduled time.


Can I get a refund?

I do not offer refunds. You’ll walk away with clarity and a game plan but results are up to your actions and choices. If you need help executing your plan, I offer ongoing coaching support.

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How long does the prep work take?

The prep work can be done in a weekend or over the course of a couple of work nights. You'll need at least 5 hours to finish tasks and hype yourself up...less time if you already know your numbers.

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Can you do everything for me?

This is a done WITH you service. I don't do the prep work for you because you need to see yourself as a boss. You are in control of your life and money...not me.

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Still not sure if a BOSS Session is right for you? Book a free 15 minute consultation to get your questions answered and see if we're a good fit.